In the dramatic world of art, I tend to look inwards. I gain an insight into my heart and the complex feelings of my life instead of looking outwards. For me art is personal, I don’t seek discussion or possible related topics outside of myself.
Maybe due to distinctive personal experiences or due to my love of daydreaming, my works follow two main directions. One is my innocent self in dreams and the other is my grown-up self living in the real world. I weave the plots and figures in my dreams with handmade fabrics, which include wool, wool felt, and Chinese-style silk etc., these represent the happiness of my childhood with their soft, warm and sweet features. I also try to find out why I dream what I dream, their connection to my real life. I do this by reading books on psychologically. In the other direction, I try to treat the reality as another “me”and express something close to my real experiences . I use other materials more than 2D drawing to finish my work, materials such as clay, crystal and salt etc. Taking crystal as an example, it has interesting properties. It needs to be nurtured in a perfect growing environment. It transforms into a tangible object from nothing, it emerges in a colorful, splendid and fragile condition. This process of developing from “zero” in water to a beautiful “miniature” is just like our affection, which is beautiful and fragile and needs careful maintenance. I also took some photos. Whilst focusing on the scene and pressing the shutter, I have a longing for peace and symphony away from reality. Along this theme I did some study in western humanistic philosophy and read some books in Chinese and western intellectual history.
The topic of my work combines my dream world and real world experiences, reflecting my sub-conscience and conscience. But I know that no matter which the work is relevant to, the dream or reality, I have to go back to reality and disclose the reason for my dreams. I also believe that after the explanation of artworks, I will finally reach the most meaningful point: “[1] There is a spiritual reality between the materialistic and spiritual unknown.” Just like the story of Zhuang Zhou’s dream about butterflies in Eastern philosophy: a philosopher named Zhuang Zhou dreamed that he became a butterfly. After waking up, he wondered if he is a man dreaming of becoming a butterfly or he is a butterfly dreaming of becoming a man.