It is the first group exhibition with themes and limited dimensions. It is very challenging, while I enjoy being with my classmates. Apart from displaying works, I am touched more. I have got from my classmates that it is necessary to create conditions actively for myself, and I shall learn to improve and manage myself besides my creation.
Chelsea College of Art
Conflict Exhibition
Experience sharing of crypt show:

In the past shows maybe there was only an open space with a sense of modernization. But as a participant in the show, I can have an insight into the historical background and the characteristics of the space. For example, the site was used as a bomb shelter in World War I and II. Then I extended to the Blitz on September 7, 1940 and May 10, 1941. I took the underground cellar as a starting point for my expression, extending from now to the past, stretching from peach to the war, from the underground cellar to London, from the show to commemoration. At last, I represented all these to the work: a wound alleviated by crystal and medical salt.

Due to the growth of materials, I had to make it at the site. During the procedure, I encountered some problems, such as the lack of experience in cultivating crystal, the rough flooring in low temperature, the difficulties in controlling the distribution of cultivating liquid. So the finally produced crystal did not quite match my expectation. Generally, I think it is a new experience. From the formulation to manufacturing, I made a real “down-to-earth” work.
As the service team of the opening, arranging the staff according to the workload is quite necessary. Participants should be responsible for their duties and teammates. Besides the works, teamwork is the basis of a perfect show.
​the crypt gallery
My participation in the exhibition for freshmen and sophomores was my first experience of combining personal creation with the topic. I shifted from 2D to 3D and focus  on the creation of artworks, but I still  need to consider about the relationship of the work and space. All these inspired me. I also thought that the cooperation between first-year students and second-year students was a good idea, which provides freshmen with new directions and helps sophomores review their past and adjust their direction in creation.
ugly duck gallery 
I studied at a woollen mill in Moscow and used the experience in my work.


I grew to understand that their life of manufacturing wool felts has become part of their characters. They are good at all kinds of skills, making toys, shoes, hats, jewellery and clothes. Through learning these skills I was able to explore all the possibilities of the material. Finally I created a huge 3m*1.67m wool felt piece.


​During conversation with them I found their insight into arts and the use of materials are not similar to other cultures. For example, they use wool felts to make daily necessities instead of artworks. The Russian way of defining art and artworks is very different to the modern mainstream.


Wimbledon college of art
Teamwork makes it more efficient.  The relationship between the work and the work, the distance, the balance of the placement and the work need to be tested several times.  Group exhibitions should pay more attention to the overall effect.  It is necessary to discuss together how to create a better atmosphere for everyone's work.  It will be difficult but not impossible.